Supported Missions

We hold missions close to our heart here at NCC and teach the children to live with less, so we can save more, so we can be more generous. Each building has a different mission organization that they consistently pray for and support through their Wednesday offering. The offering received allows us to equip those in different places around the globe, so those blessed can continue to equip others.

“NCC practices happy, healthy living for your body, mind and soul and we support Sustainable Christian Education that will not only help the child, but change the nation. We encourage others to do the same. Unselfishness is best practiced through sharing, here at home and abroad. We teach each student that it takes only one person to make a positive difference in another person’s life and they are that person.” -Graciela Marques-Hahn, NCC Executive Director

b1_cambodiaCaterpillars Building Mission: CAMBODIA
through Agape International Missions (AIM)

AIM is an organization that does an incredible work of freeing, empowering children in third-world nations. AIM works in Cambodia where 35% people still have no access to clean water.  The offering that is collected by the Caterpillar class go towards a school in Svak Pak, Cambodia and helps builds clean waters well in the brick yards where children live. CLICK HERE to visit AIM

B2_ZimbabweRoly Polies Building Mission: ZIMBABWE

through Hands of Hope 
NCC's mission and goal is to serve the very poor rural indigenous people while demonstrating the love of Jesus. The offering collected by the Roly Poly class helps an educational program that has been modeled by NCC. This program then helps children in orphanages and teaches them ways to be self-sufficient in growing their own food. CLICK HERE to visit Hands of Hope

B5_offeringDragonflies Building Mission: SANTA CLARA, CA 
through Cityteam

Cityteam is a nondenominational Christian non-profit serving the poor & the homeless whose mission is to passionately transform lives of individuals, families & communities. Through the Dragonfly offering, they support "Feeding the Hungry" project which helps buy food boxes for the homeless in the Santa Clara county.  CLICK HERE to visit Cityteam

B4_offeringButterflies Building Mission: TANZANIA
through Hope of the Nations

Hope of the Nations is a non-profit organization that brings hope to Tanzania and provides education. Though the Buttefly class offering, they are able to support a green school in Kigoma, Tanzania that has been modeled by NCC. All offering helps these preschool-3rd grade children with their education and give them hope for the future. CLICK HERE to visit Hope of the Nations


Fireflies Building Mission: PAPUA, INDONESIA through Cityteam International
Through the Firefly class offering, they are able to help support the education of children of "Sekolah Papua Kasih."  The school is one of the most prestigious in their nation which a bright hope and future of Papua leaders. This school has also been modeled by NCC and practices sustainable green choices.  CLICK HERE to visit Cityteam International



Take a look at the video below to take a peak at our Wednesday Chapel. Every Wednesday, NCC Children gather at the Peace Lutheran Church to sing songs about Jesus, listen to a Bible message, and take offering & pray for the different missions around the world.