Business Environmental Awards

Congratulations to NCC for receiving the 2014 Business Environmental Award! NCC has received a Special Commendation in the "Acterra Award" for the Sustainability category for its all-encompassing environmental achievements.

Since December 2012, Neighborhood Christian Center has officially been a certified Bay Area Green Business! As of February 2016, we have been been re-certified as a Green Business. This means that our school has complied with the environmental regulations and have met the general practices and targets resource conservation and pollution prevention measures.

Some general practices are:

  • Track water and energy usage and solid and hazardous waste generation
  • Adopt a written environmentally preferable (or green) purchasing policy
  • Establish a 'green team' that can help guide efforts to green your business.
  • Provide three on-going incentives or training opportunities to encourage management and employee participation
  • Inform your customers about your efforts to meet the Green Business Standards

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